I believe that the first step is the most important, no matter what the goal or intention. When you make the conscious decision to be better for yourself, you are setting the tone for your future. I welcome you to explore the different services I offer.

When you are working with the right coach, your potential becomes limitless.
You Can, You Will.

Justin Draper Fitness Lifestyle Coach
contest prep

Whether you are in pursuit of the stage for the first time or an experienced competitive athlete, my approach and coaching techniques will provide you with the support, tools, and skill set needed for success. No two athletes are the same, and I recognize how important it is to be adaptable to their individual needs, learning style, physical strengths and limitations.

From day one of their prep, my athletes are provided with one-on-one attention. Through my own experience as a professional bodybuilder, and online nutrition coach, I am able to share my personal knowledge and understanding of the sport through detailed programming that provides macronutrient tracking for beginners to advanced.

Competition Prep Diet Programming includes:

● Education on how to properly weigh and track your macro intake goals
● Guidance on food sources to meet your macro intake goals
● Macro breakdowns for meals
● Weekly summary template that tracks daily macros, sleep, training, and more
● Peak week nutrition plan
Show day nutrition plan

As prep advances, I focus on dieting techniques to push the body past its limits. The implementation of diet breaks and refeeds are used accordingly to help achieve ongoing results, always keeping the goal the goal.

I believe if a client can adhere to their diet, they’ll have the ability to stick to it longer, giving them the results they’ve always wanted.

Justin Draper
lifestyle nutritional coaching & training

Through my unique lifestyle-focused nutrition services clients are provided a more sustainable approach to reaching their health and wellness goals. You will learn to make unrestricted dietary choices that support and nourish your body while developing healthy, long-term habits.

Unsure if you are a good fit for lifestyle nutritional coaching? There is no cookie-cutter client, and I’m confident you can be successful with my help and coaching techniques. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching clients from many different backgrounds, careers, lifestyles, and locations.

● Men and women of all ages & body types
● Local and remote clientele
● Students
● Domestic and international travelers
● Sedentary to active lifestyles
● Stay at home and working parents
● Businessmen and women
● Special medical or dietary needs

Learn how to make confident nutrition decisions whether you are at home, eating out, on vacation, or always on the go-go-go! There are limitless coaching possibilities because the program is designed to work with your lifestyle not against it.

Programming provides:
● A truly customized nutrition plan focused on you and you only
● One-on-one coaching and accountability
● Education on how to properly weigh and track your macro intake goals
● Guidance on food sources to meet your macro intake goals
● Tools and skills to help you build new habits that support your nutritional choices without limiting yourself or feeling restricted
● 24/7 access to coaching services for support and motivation

Justin Draper Fitness Lifestyle Coach
off-season nutritional coaching & Training

Shifting the focus from stage lean to a manageable surplus allows my athletes to maintain a healthy body fat percent while putting on lean muscle mass, replenishing hormones, and building their metabolic capacity.

My goal is to optimize individual potential using techniques to build on strengths and weaknesses in both diet and training. The proper execution of the off-season places my athletes in a primed position to transition into their next contest prep.

I offer customized nutrition and training programs that cater to athlete’s individual needs and goals with special attention to their health and well-being.

Justin Draper
Customized Training programs

Whether you’re new to strength training or an advanced lifter, having a proper training program designed around progressive overload will ensure you’re maximizing your time and effort spent in the gym.

My customized training programs are:
● Specific to your needs, skill level, and goals
● Modifiable based on biofeedback
● Result-driven

To make sure you are executing proper form and muscle activation, I offer weekly check-ins with photo and video requests to critique and improve your movements.

bodybuilding posing sessions

The execution of mandatory poses is an essential skill in competitive bodybuilding, one that can determine first place from second place. Whether you are looking to learn posing basics, perfect your routine, or create a whole new stage presence, my posing sessions will deliver and exceed your expectations.

A strong posing routine brings the body to life.
● One-on-one attention and critiquing
● Develop personal muscle awareness and how to properly contract
● Learn the mandatory division poses based on federation guidelines
● Learn how to properly control your breath and breathing
● Create a posing routine that compliments your muscular strengths, including song choice and flow of poses/stage choreography

I currently offer 30-60 minute in-person or Skype sessions. Reach me directly for questions through the contact form below.