My name is Justin Draper, I am a professional natural bodybuilder, veteran personal trainer of 17 years, business owner, and entrepreneur. As a father and husband, guided by my faith, I have successfully grown to become an integral piece of my community.  

Having worked with over 500 general pop clientele in personal training and nutrition, I have gained invaluable experience in the transformation of the human mind, body, and spirit.   

I have coached, locally and remotely, 200+ competitive athletes in both male and female divisions and garnered 30+ pro cards and over 100 first place winnings. The knowledge and experience as a natural pro has helped me develop a unique and meticulous coaching strategy. 

I am also the Owner and CEO of Jada Blitz Fitness  located in Buffalo, New York, am actively involved in charitable donations and fundraising for Oishei’s Children’s Hospital  and the SPCA , and am a current lululemon ambassador.

Justin Draper
Aubree Shofner
Aubree Shofner


Ask Me What I Do…       I say whatever it takes.

Oh hey, my name is Aubree Shofner, but I go by Aubs. I am a fitness and nutrition professional, lover of tie-dye, mommy to two four-legged creatures, and a true wildflower soul. Born and raised in the middle of nowhere, I will always be the girl from a small town. My love for hugging trees and the outdoors, caring for animals, and being connected to nature is deeply rooted in my childhood and upbringing. From a young age through my second year of college I played a lot of sports, I have always identified with being a tomboy and an athlete. After high school graduation I made my way to Buffa-love to begin college and worked my way through two degrees and 6+ years of working in the legal field.

 Circa December 2014 I started working out with the intention of becoming a natural bodybuilding competitor. This is where my relationship with Justin began. As my nutrition coach for the better part of 4+ years on and off, we eventually became training partners, and I was brought on as an employee at Jada Blitz Fitness. Justin has been there to support me through some of the greatest highs and traumatic lows of my life. He is my boss, a mentor, one of my closet friends, and most importantly, someone who I consider family.

 I don’t think either of us realized at the time that we were actually building the foundation for my future. Since 2016 I have worked many roles on Justin’s team: 

  • 4+ years of personal training and group fitness instruction
  • 3+ years of blogging and copywriting
  • 2+ years of nutrition coaching

 I should mention that I never made it to the stage, but what I learned was more valuable than anything I could have gained from a different path.

 In 2018 I was diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder and PTSD, and my journey with bodybuilding and dieting came to a pretty big halt. Making the decision to completely walk away from all I had known remains one of the hardest choices I have ever made. Seeking help and finally shifting my focus to my mental and emotional health still rattles me to the core with how scary it was to become that vulnerable to my past and present self. Taking those first steps to breaking away from the only thing I could identify with was the key to rebuilding my life and rediscovering who Aubree truly was.

 Through therapy, a lot of tears, meditation, and adopting a lifestyle that works for me, I now experience freedom and have become the most authentic version of me. When I can incorporate my personal experiences, education, and learning with my writing, my brain sets on fire. I think they call that passion, and this is what drives me to connect to others through my words and my voice.

 If you made this far, I commend you. But really what I mean to say is thank you for seeing me and hearing my story. I continue to work on Justin’s team as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and blogger, and am a current graduate studies student at the American College of Healthcare Sciences pursuing my Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition. I want to acknowledge every hill and valley that has led me here because of them I am able to write this bio, and as the featured blogger for Justin Draper Fitness, I can’t wait to bring more to the table for you.


Aubree Shofner
Aubree Shofner Justin Draper
Aubree Shofner Justin Draper
Aubree Shofner Justin Draper
Aubree Shofner Justin Draper
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